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Music is a passion point that connects Hispanics together through stories and rhythms…through nostalgic moments and inspiring homages to family and loved ones. For companies, it’s a perfect way to reach Latinos – both young and old through a universal language that helps bring people together while solidifying corporate brands in fans’ minds.



Since its inception, DMI has created strategic partnerships between companies and talent to help increase brand presence in the marketplace.  We’ve helped put together some of the biggest endorsement deals in the industry and continue to work with our clients to help bring on board the best match for their brand. To date, DMI has solidified many partnerships including:

- Maná and AT&T, Chivas, and Montejo
- Chiquinquirá Delgado and Wen
- Maite Perroni and Proactiv
- Adamaris Lopez and Allstate

Our work continues in this space and our success rate continues to grow as we understand how  the attributes of a brand need to be paired closely with the right celebrity and programs.

Current sponsorship opportunities include:
Maná 2016 Tour

Sponsorship/partnership opportunities include:
•    Endorsement deals
•    Talent negotiation
•    Talent Booking
•    Music tour sponsorships
••••••••    Entitlements
••••••••    Naming Rights
••••••••    Exclusive Content Creation
••••••••    Artist Meet & Greet
••••••••    Digital & Social Media Integration
••••••••    Private Events
••••••••    Merchandising Rights
•    Product placement
•    Promotional events



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