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I. Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

• Segmentation studies
• Competitive analysis and intelligence
• Quantification of multicultural opportunity
• Resource and capital allocation requirements
• Best Practices Benchmark studies presentations
• Comprehensive overview of multicultural demographics and psychographics

II. Organizational Multicultural Readiness Review and Preparation

• Analysis of Human Resources/organizational structure and composition to gauge readiness to implement and reflect a multicultural perspective
• Staffing levels and organizational realignment recommendations to allow a multicultural perspective implementation throughout the business
• Senior management educational/informational forums
• Workforce/staff seminars on multicultural marketing and management
• Special seminars, forums and experiences to heighten awareness and understanding of markets
• Strategies on how to permanently gain acceptance and embed a multicultural mentality into the corporate culture

III. Long and Short-Term Growth Business Plans and Strategy Formulation

• Multicultural budget requirements recommendation
• Agency partner identification, qualification and integration
• 3 and 5-year strategic growth scenarios to effectively reach multicultural audiences

IV. Culturally sensitive and relevant campaigns to effectively reach multicultural markets

• Evaluate relevance of current marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns
• Based on latest market and product trends, develop promotional and advertising campaigns to effectively reach multicultural audiences
• Evaluate relevance, and if indicated, translate current campaigns, releases and programs from English to Spanish
• Align brand positioning with multicultural market needs, values and beliefs
• Product development

V. Brand Building: Product Positioning, Celebrity Sponsorship and Endorsements

• Present opportunities and make recommendations for celebrity endorsements
• Present opportunities and make recommendations for sponsorships of unique multicultural programs and events
• Make recommendations on corporate community involvement in order to increase brand affinity
• Creatively position product in entertainment, music and urban culture settings
• Deliver product to key trendsetters and market influencers for constant opinion leader influencing




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