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Career Opportunity

The Digital Strategist will be responsible for developing and driving execution of digital strategies and overseeing social media management on a wide variety of projects across many industries. The ideal […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

  As we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month this week, DMI would like to pay homage to some of the great work of our friends and colleagues who have helped […]

TOTAL MARKET: Everyone Is Included

In 2012, the US Census identified 37% of our country as multicultural – that’s over 116 million African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. As we all probably know by now, these […]

Fortifying a Partnership and Creating a Friendship Along the Way

Before becoming business partners, we were fans of Maná –just like millions of people around the world; after all, record breaking sales and concert attendance prove beyond any reasonable doubt […]


        Ten years ago, becoming a cross-over artist in the United States was a huge deal – those who were fortunate enough to make it, like Ricky […]