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Hispanic Heritage Month


As we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month this week, DMI would like to pay homage to some of the great work of our friends and colleagues who have helped create a better understanding of the contributions of Latinos in the United States, have made us proud to be Hispanic, and who have enlightened corporations and investors alike that investing in the Hispanic market is not the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Although there are many individuals, groups and entities we could highlight today, these are our top five exceptional Latino picks for this year:

  1. Musical Artist: Grupo Maná, recognized as the greatest Latin rock band in the world and one of the longest running, most successful bands of all times. They’ve earned dozens of awards throughout the years, and hold record sales concert attendance throughout the world. They are currently recording their newest album for which they will be on tour again in 2015 and yet they still find time to dedicate their efforts to philanthropic causes through their foundation Selva Negra. Stand-up artists in every way.
  2. Entertainment Entrepreneurs: Nuvo TV and their Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer Lopez – who have created an impressive new lineup of programming targeting acculturated Latinos who want to see themselves represented on camera in both Spanish and English. Nuvo reaches over 32 million homes nationwide and available in all top Hispanic DMA’s including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago and New York. Since joining NuvoTV, JLo has collaborated with the network on programming strategy, creative elements, promotion and marketing to create a line-up that is scintillating to the General Market and Latinos alike.
  3. Intellectual Property: Tony Hernández and the Immigrant Archive Project- because their “stories deserve to be shared”. Thanks to this inspirational project that relays the trials, tribulations, successes and experiences of immigrants coming into the United States, we’re able to get a balanced perspective of today’s hot topic on immigration. These stories will make us laugh as often as they’ll make us cry – but what they all do is enlighten us on the difficulties, challenges and sacrifices immigrants make to come into this country in order to achieve what we ourselves have sold to the world as the “great American dream.” Every American should watch a few of these stories before making up their mind on their stance on today’s immigration issue.
  4. Advocate for Hispanic Representation: National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) – for almost thirty years NHMC has worked to create a fair and inclusive environment in the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries. Their work has helped ensure universal and affordable access to communications for Latinos and a more equitable representation in front and behind the cameras. Thanks to the efforts of Alex Nogales and his teams, roles for Latinos in film and television have increased and are no longer relegated to servitude or criminal roles. Years of hard work have opened the doors for younger Latino talent – yet there’s still a lot of work to be done. Thankfully, we’re in good hands.
  5. Hispanic Market Pioneer: Eduardo Caballero, with over 40+ years experience in Spanish language television and radio, Eduardo was an advocate for the Hispanic market before there was an awareness of this new growing marketing demographic group. He has been the first of many who has paved the way for the growth of the Hispanic entertainment and media entities – including the fact that that he was the first Latino to hold the position of General Sales Manager at an American radio station and the first to start a national radio sales rep firm in the country. His vision and hard work helped launch the Univision network and establish the success of syndicated radio for the coverage of sports. Thousands of executive are employed in the Hispanic market today thanks to the road paved by the likes of our friend Eduardo Caballero.


*Posthumous Recognition: Gabriel García Márquez

Spanish literature would not be as rich as it is today without the many novels of literary genius and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez. Although best known as the author of the all time classic –One Hundred Years of Solitude –he was also a prolific short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist. His novels have been translated into dozens of languages, making him a household name in countries around the world. He popularized the term magic realism, allowing readers the ability to believe in a surreal world as part of our every day reality. García Márquez may have passed, but his words will live with us forever, transcending generations to come.



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