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Fortifying a Partnership and Creating a Friendship Along the Way


Before becoming business partners, we were fans of Maná –just like millions of people around the world; after all, record breaking sales and concert attendance prove beyond any reasonable doubt that MANÁ is the greatest Hispanic rock group of all times. Their following spans ethnicities, ages, nationalities and even breaks language barriers for millions who listen to their music. Maná brings multigenerational households together – it’s that one band you’re glad your teenaged son or daughter in control of the radio just happens to love. For all these reasons, the opportunity to work with Maná in 2011 and present sponsorship opportunities for their upcoming “Drama y luz” tour was a no brainer for DMI. Securing one of the largest sponsorship acquisitions for a Latino band thanks to the support of AT&T was not only an honor – it was actually a lot of fun…and beneficial for all parties involved. The experience led us to add the sponsorship of a world class tour by a world class company to our roster and begin what has become more than a partnership; it’s become a friendship with the band and its management team.

After a well-deserved break for the band after completion of their “Drama y Luz” tour, DMI and Maná got back to work to solidify sponsorship opportunities for their upcoming 2015 World Tour. Fortunately, Chivas was looking for the right match for their Band of Brothers promotion. When we heard about their upcoming program, we soon realized it made perfect sense to figure out how to create a partnership that would allow Maná to represent that band of brotherhood they were looking to promote. After all, after more than a quarter of a decade together, that’s exactly what they had become: a band of brothers sharing what they love: Latin Rock. There was no stretching the truth, there was no figuring out how to make it work: after getting to know the band personally, the folks at Chivas knew they had found the right match. And so, it happened. We surpassed previous expectations and records and helped put together a partnership between the classiest of companies and executives and the most sought after Latin American band in the world.

This partnership is one that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of to date, and look forward to working on throughout the tour and even beyond. In the meantime, DMI continues to work on closing additional deals with corporate partners and Maná, as well as other first class entertainers in the Hispanic market. We’re enjoying the ride, loving the music and making friends-and history- along the way.

If interested in any of these opportunities, contact us at DMI and we’ll be sure to put something together that will be sure to be worth your while.



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